East Slavic languages:

  • Ruthenian section
    • Belarusian
    • Ukrainian
      • Rusyn
  • Russian

West Slavic languages:

  • Sorbian section (also known as Wendish)
    • Lower Sorbian (also known as Lusatian)
    • Upper Sorbian
  • Lechitic section
    • Polish
      • Silesian
    • Pomeranian
      • Kashubian
  • Czech-Slovak section
    • Czech
    • Slovak

South Slavic languages:

  • Western Section
    • Serbo-Croatian
      • Bosnian:
      • Croatian
      • Serbian
      • Montenegrin (not regulated but official in Montenegro)
    • Slovene
  • Eastern Section
    • Bulgarian
    • Macedonian

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