Estonian or eesti keel [ˈeːsti ˈkeːl] is a Finnic language spoken primarily in Estonia. Estonian is very closely related to Finnish, and the two languages are somewhat mutually intelligible.


The Estonian alphabet consists of most of the letters of the Latin in addition to some with diacritics. The letters and their sounds are given below:

Letter Sound
A / a [ɑː]
B / b [b]
D / d [t]
E / e [e]
F / f [f]
G / g [g]
H / h [h]
I / i [i]
J / j [j]
K / k [k]
L / l [l]
M / m [m]
N / n [n]
O / o [o]
P / p [p]
R / r [r]
S / s [s]
Š / š [ʃ]
Z / z [z]
Ž / ž [ʒ]
T / t [t]
U / u [u]
V / v [v]
Õ / õ [ɤ]
Ä / ä [æ]
Ö / ö [ø]
Ü / ü [y]

The letters F, Š, Z, and Ž are only used in loan words. Also note that the letters C, Q, W, X, and Y can also be used in loan words, but they are not part of the official alphabet.