Dutch is the native language of almost everyone in the Netherlands and about half of Belgium and Surinam. About 23 Million people speak it as a native language and about 5 Million as a second language. Dutch is also an official language of various Dutch ex-colonies in the Carribean, but English is becoming increasingly more important there. Dutch colonists in South Africa historically spoke Cape Dutch, a dialect of Dutch. But this has gradually evolved in Afrikaans and is now considered a different language

Dutch is closely related to German and English and people often say that it's inbetween those languages. Dutch, unlike German, no longer has cases and didn't undergo a vowel shift. Dutch officially has 3 genders but there are fewer grammatical differences between that in German. Dutch word order is generally SVO2, just like German. Dutch vocabulary is mostly Germanic but does have significant Romance loanwords from Latin and French, It does have less Romance loanwords than English though.

Grammar Edit

Dutch grammar

Dutch grammar has similarities with English grammar is generally considered fairly easy for English speakers. some things English speakers might struggle with are:

  • De/het
  • Verb endings( especially in the past tense)
  • Word order in certain contexts


Dutch to English Frequency Dictionary Edit

The frequency dictionary covers about 95% of all spoken Dutch, and 85% of all written Dutch texts.

In short:

  • the 2500 most used Dutch words listed by frequency
  • frequency as part of speech ( most used nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc..)
  • Included are 2500 English to dutch example sentences showing word usage
  • phonetic spelling of Dutch words with the International Phonetic Alphabet

Got a lot of useful content. 

Duolingo Dutch course Edit

  • Covers the basics
  • Free, but has paid features
  • Recommended for beginners
  • Not recommended to be used as an only tool

Brotip 1: Most Dutch people speak English and are very willing to help you out if you make a mistake

Brotip 2: Because most speak English, if you really don't know how to get your point across. Just start in English.

Music: Edit

Acda En De Munnik (pop)

André Hazes ("Levenslied" This is a stereotypical dutch artist. Here's a Wikipedia Artical on it)


Ali B (rap)

Party Squad (Rap/Dance)

Boudewijn De Groot (Folk)

Guus Meeuwis ("Levenslied"/pop)

Tiesto (EDM/Trance)

Afrojack (EDM/Dance)

Yes-R (Rap)

Heidevolk (Folk Metal)

Movies: Edit

De Lift (The Elevator

Abel (Abel is a semi-common name in The Netherlands

Van God los (Godforsaken)

Zwart Boek (Black Book)

Komt Een Vrouw Bij De Doktor (Stricken. Literally translates to "A Woman Goes To The Doctor)

Amsterdamned (No explanation needed i suppose)

Het Diner (The Dinner)

Kankerlijers (Cancer Sufferers. Kankerlijer is a paticular heavy insult in Dutch and is frowned upon)


Turks Fruit (Turkish Delight)


Books Edit

Childrens books Edit

Jip en Janneke by Annie M.G schmidt(5-6Yrs)(It should be noted that the language is very simplified)

Doflje weerwolfje by Paul van Loon (8-9Yrs)

Mees Kees by Mirjam oldenhave (9-10Yrs)

Koning van katoren by Jan Terlouw(10-12Yrs)

Kruistocht door spijkerbroek by Thea Beckman (11-12Yrs)

Oorlogswinter by Jan Terlouw(12-14Yrs)

As with a lot of languages, The Dutch translation of Harry Potter reads well.

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